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What to do when your puppy won’t eat

Has your dog been acting weird when it comes to food lately? Are you constantly unable to get them to eat in spite of your best efforts?

Dogs are usually very excited for meal times.

They instinctively know when it's time for lunch or supper. The sight of treats gets them to run around and jump in joy in a second. Then why is your dog turning his nose away from his favorite treats?

What is the root cause of this loss of appetite? and how to fix this?

When your pet puppy is feeling a little under the weather, the first thing that gets affected is his eating habits. He may not want to eat wet or dry food items. Even his favorite treats fail to excite him.

It is a common rule that dogs enjoy strong smelling varieties of dog food,

heated to room temperature or just slightly above.

This helps your dog gain some of his lost appetite all over again.

Possible cause:

Some of the most common causes of appetite loss and dogs are infections and diseases. This lack of appetite may also cause lethargy, renal failure in dogs may also lead to gastrointestinal complications like vomiting, diarrhea and constipatio

Symptoms of appetite loss often include inability to finish a meal,refusal to eat even when your dog is offered his favorite treat, weight loss, lethargy & vomiting. However if your pet pup is vomiting severely or has bad diarrhea, it's best to follow your vet's advice.

The following tricks might works:

In other cases making a couple of changes in the food you prepare for your precious pet dog can do the trick. Then you may even find him gaining some of his long lost energy and jumping around the sight of food. Some of the items that you could make to try to get your dog to eat are:

-The first choice of food to feed your dog, when he is suffering from appetite loss is chicken giblets, including the bird's heart, liver, neck, kidney and gizzard, sauteed in a little bit of olive oil with one or two cloves of garlic chopped finely. This strong smelling food can help your dog regain some of his lost appetite. The cloves of garlic contribute greatly to your dog's recovery.

-Secondly you may try feeding your dog broiled chicken. Broiled chicken shredded into tiny pieces has a number of health benefits that can help your dog recover in no time at all.

-Thirdly, your vet will have recommended commercially prepared special diets, if your dog is vomiting or suffering from diarrhea, these special diets will provide medical as well as general health benefits to your dog. They speed up the recovery process so your pet dog can go back to being his usual happy soul.

-The fourth choice can be a thinly sliced steak, that has been microwaved for approximately 3 to 4 minutes. You can also shred it into strips to make it easier for your dog to chew and gulp down on his own.

-At number five we have Nutrical, a high calorie nutrient pace often acts as a wet food alternative for your dog in times of sickness. The high calorie content in the paste keeps your dog active and full for long periods of time. And the last supplement is bone broth. Bone broth is light enough for your dog to digest easily, it also contains high amounts of vitamins, fatty acids and Trace amounts of protein. This combination helps in soothing an upset stomach. This may even help and keep your dog hydrated especially if they have been throwing up a lot leading to loss of bodily fluids.

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Jayden Hart is the owner of Petcetera Dog.

He has been a dog trainer since 2020

He got his dog training education from Starmark Academy.

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