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Four 30 min Walk and Trains

Train while we walk them

  • 30 min

About the training

Give your furry friend the exercise and training they need with our 45 minute walking and training service. If your dog needs a little adjustment, such as being leash reactive or jumping on people, our experts will work with them during their walk to improve their behavior. With regular sessions, you'll see your dog's behavior improve, all while they get the exercise they need. 4 walking & training sessions @ 45 min each. Save $12 on this package.

Cancellation Policy

We don't charge for cancellation. You can reschedule on the next available sessions. Check our available session on calendar. We recommend you bring your puppy for training when they are 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age. But we can accept older puppy up to 6 mo of age depend on breed.

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