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Available Puppies To Be Trained

These are puppies from our network of breeders - they are still under each breeder's care. Each puppy is at least 8 weeks old. These puppies are in the early stages of training and will be ready to graduate in 4-5 weeks. While we handle the training and delivery arrangements, you can choose your perfect companion and start preparing your home for their arrival. If you're looking for a well-trained puppy to join your family, you're in the right place. Browse our Available Puppies To Be Trained section to find a healthy and happy pup from reputable breeders.

How To Adopt To Be Trained Puppy

After choosing your puppy and completing the payment, they will come to us for training. Once they're all ready, we can arrange for them to be delivered to you in Seattle or you can swing by to pick them up yourself. If you're outside of Seattle and opt for delivery, we'll use the Pet Nanny Service for an extra cost. The Pet Nanny will travel with your puppy in the cabin during the flight to meet you at the nearby airport. Unfortunately, we can't do door-to-door deliveries at the moment.

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