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Trained Puppies
for adoption in Washington State

Find your puppy here

If you've been dreaming of having a puppy but don't have the time to train one, don't worry - we've got you covered! We take care of all the training so you can focus on bonding with your new furry friend right away. Say goodbye to the stress of house training and hello to a loving puppy in your home. Our puppies are already trained to follow basic commands and are perfect for any household. Take a look at our trained puppies for sale and find your new lifelong companion at Petcetera Dog! 🐶

To begin your puppy journey, simply fill out our application form or give us a call at 206 687 9254. We're excited to help you start this new adventure!

The three steps of getting your new puppy.

1. Choose your puppy
  • From our available trained  puppies for adoption here. Or

  • From our available to be trained  puppies here.

image of many doodle dog
image of a golden doodle puppy sit on a training bed
2. Training

(only if you choose available to be trained puppy

Once your puppy arrives from the breeder, we will start training with your chosen companion. If you opt for a fully trained puppy, you can skip this step and schedule pickup or delivery right off the bat. Can't wait to meet your new furry friend! 🐾

3. Delivery

To obtain your newly trained puppy, you have the option to schedule a pick-up at the airport with the assistance of our Flight Nanny service. Alternatively, if you reside near Seattle, you can conveniently collect your puppy from our location in Shoreline, WA. We also offer direct home delivery for your convenience.

image of a Shiba Inn dog sit on a car seat

We will help you at every step

Due to varying environments, puppies require continuous training.

We are available to assist with ongoing training even after they have joined your household, offering guidance and support as needed through Zoom sessions.

image of a jack russel puppy

Explore the selection of puppies that have either finished their training or are close to graduating. Choose the perfect puppy for your home from a variety of crosses and breeds.

image of a Beagle dog

Meet Our Adorable Puppies!
These cute pups are currently in the care of our network of breeders, each receiving individualized attention. They are all at least 8 weeks old and are just starting their training journey. In 4-5 weeks, they will be ready for adoption. This gives you the perfect opportunity to choose your new furry friend and get your home ready while we continue to train them and make arrangements for their delivery. We can't wait for you to bring home one of these precious pups!

image of a mini golden doodle puppy

How to pay for a puppy?

For Trained Puppies
  • Pay down payment on agreement.   Payment in full when your trained doodle puppy is handed over to the buyer.

For To Be Trained Puppies
  • Pay the cost of puppy of your choice in full.

  • Before enrolling in training program: Pay 50% of training cost or pay in full.

  • Beginning of 3rd week: Pay the balance in full.

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